Always True North

Look & Feel – Unique & Beautiful STAHLBERGH: ALWAYS TRUE NORTH



Scandinavian design is often reduced to slogans such as “Minimalism” and “Purism”. This is especially true of the watch industry and various other watch brands. A certain affinity for unique and functional design can certainly be attributed to the Scandinavians. But Scandinavian design does not necessarily have to be cool and simple.

This is precisely where we have positioned our brand concept: STAHLBERGH wants to pursue a different direction and move away from these stereotypes. We have quite simply been inspired by the beauty and the enormous variety of Scandinavian culture and nature.

With our unique watch collection we want to offer our customers a design alternative and to harmoniously combine the unique beauty of Scandinavia with the contemporary art of watchmaking. Scandinavian lifestyle and timeless elegance merge together in our STAHLBERGH watches to form little masterpieces of watchmaking.

All STAHLBERGH watches created from this fusion are made using first-class materials which guarantee durability and are built to accompany the wearer for a lifetime.

For our STAHLBERGH watches, we use high-quality, stainless steel and very hard, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, ensuring that time leaves no traces. With the exception of just a few models, we use also tempered mineral glass. The premium look of our watches is achieved by means of the finely brushed or glossy polished stainless steel surfaces, with premium gilding providing the necessary touch of luxury. The finest yellow and red gold are applied to the casing and other components using a modern ionisation process. This coating technique is significantly more durable than traditional gilding techniques. To ensure unrestricted wear comfort, we use real leather straps with high-quality butterfly clasps or solid metal bracelets made from stainless steel. Our attractively priced watches captivate with their many details. The guilloche dials crafted with care, the intricate engravings on the crowns and the strap clasps underline our love for our watches – and reflect our appreciation of the principles of the contemporary art of watchmaking.

Inspired by the beauty of Scandinavia, STAHLBERGH wants to pursue a new direction as a contemporary brand.

Distinctive. Elegant. Timeless. Beautiful and familiar.